Dating and Relationships

Healthy relationships empower you to be your best self. Explore resources that empower you to form healthy relationships through dating, friendship, family, mentorship, and more!
Teens Talk Relationships dating edition, friendship edition, and trusted adults edition.

Teens Talk Relationships Series

How do we build healthy relationships? In this video series, teens share advice on creating and maintaining relationships based on respect and trust.
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Conflict Resolution 101

Conflict is a natural part of life. Managing it in a healthy way helps strengthen our relationships with the people we care about. Watch this video to learn 5 quick tips for resolving conflict
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Good Friend Ways 2

What Kind of Friend Are You?

We all want to have good friends and to be a good friend to others. Take this quiz to find out what kind of friend you are and how you respond when a friendship gets complicated!
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Healthy Relationships Checklist

What does a healthy relationship look like? This checklist lists key ingredients that can help your relationships thrive.
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Tools for Healthy Relationships

Relationships = commitment + work. Check out these 5 important tools you can use to stay committed to your friends, family, or significant other.
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Healthy or Not?

What makes a relationship a healthy one? Take this quiz to find out.
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Your Perfect Person

Want to know who is the perfect person for you? This quiz will give you the answer. 
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Healthy Relationships Challenge

Think you’re a relationship expert? Take our latest challenge to test your knowledge about what's healthy and what's not when it comes to dating and other relationships.  
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Top Relationship Qualities
Kind, Nonjudgmental, Honest, Trusting, Loving, Responsible, Accepting

- Members of the We Think Twice Community

In Your Words

Communication is key with everything, especially with parents. —Zoey, 17 

I show my friends my love and appreciation by telling them I’m there for them, I grow with them. —Jalissa, 18 

Healthy Relationships

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