Mental Health Facts

You deserve support and understanding.

Get the facts about mental health and take steps toward improving your wellness.

1 out of 5
youth experience a mental health disorder each year

Mental health conditions are common. You are not alone in this. Help is available ( 

Prioritize Self-Care & Reach Out to Supportive Friends & Adults

Text exchange with a close friend
Two hands holding each other and a broken heart mends itself.


3 out of 4
mental health challenges begin by age 24.

But many people do not report their experiences. Finding support begins with better understanding by those around you.

Start by sharing your feelings with an adult you trust, like a parent, counselor, or coach (

Remember that your brain is...

8 out of 10
teens are calling for a major change in the national mental health conversation.

Teens are saying that it is time to talk more openly and honestly about mental health issues in the U.S. ( 

Seek Help

It's okay to ask for help.

A text message appears including this text: I see a therapist once a week, by choice. A statistic appears in response: 37% of Gen Zers report that they got help from a psychologist or other mental health expert, more than any previous generation.

Source: American Psychological Association

You're at a critical time of growth and change. Speak your truth, find help, and learn skills that can prepare you for challenges in the future!

  • Talk to a counselor, coach, teacher, mentor, parent, guardian, or another adult you trust.
  • Ask your doctor or school nurse for recommendations and for help finding a therapist or mental health specialist.
  • Your relationship with your mental health specialist is important! If the first person you see isn't a good fit, keep looking for a comfortable match.

Try these questions to start a conversation about your mental health with trusted people in your life.

  • I haven’t felt right lately and I’m not sure what to do. Can I talk about it with you? 
  • I’m having a really hard time lately, will you go with me to see someone? 
  • I’m really worried about stuff that’s going on right now, can you help me find mental health support?

Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness

You've got this!

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