Mental Health and Social Media

Take this quiz to learn how your social media habits might be affecting you.

Social media helps you connect with friends and family and communicate with people who share similar interests. It gives you a way to express your opinions and show off your creative side!

On the other hand, about a quarter of teens think social media has a mostly negative effect on their lives. What do YOU think? To find out how social media affects your life and mental health, take this quiz! You might be surprised by what you learn.

Culture of Comparison

Answer these questions to learn whether you are affected by the culture of comparison. 

A frowning young woman looks in the mirror
How often do you feel anxious, sad, or unhappy with your life after comparing yourself with others on social media?
How often do you feel left out when viewing activities on social media that you did not participate in?
How often does viewing the accounts of influencers and celebrities make you feel bad about your own appearance?