Write a Winning Resume

When you’re applying for jobs or internships in high school, make sure you know how to show your worth! Whether it’s your first job or your fifth, you have experiences and skills that make you qualified.

Tips on Writing a Resume

When you are ready to create your own resume, you can use blank versions (outlines or templates) available in Microsoft Word or search for one online. Start early! Get ready for your college or job application. Remember to proofread and have your parent, guardian, or a mentor look it over. 

  1. Summary. Provide a short introduction to your main achievements and skills and how well they match the needs of the employer. Your summary gives employers a clear snapshot of who you are, what you can offer, and what kind of job you are looking for. You should change this each time you apply for a new job. 
  2. Education. Fill in your school name, city, and state. Choose the month and year you will graduate from high school. You can also add your GPA if it is strong. 
  3. Awards and Honors. Think about any academic, leadership, service, or other awards you have earned. Were you on the honor roll? Did you get an award at the science fair? An award from your school for doing well in a subject (like chemistry or a foreign language)? Did you win a writing or art contest? If so, add your award or honor!
  4. Professional Experience. List any work experience or internships you have had and describe your responsibilities. Remember to focus on the results of your work and be as specific as possible. In the example below, the teen wrote about creating fun and enriching activities and also mentioned the number of children they babysat. Don’t forget to focus on your achievements! Add each job or internship and the dates you were employed. Don’t worry if you haven’t had any official jobs! You can also use this section to talk about unpaid work experiences that highlight your strengths. 
  5. Activities and Volunteer Experience. Here’s your chance to show off your volunteer and extracurricular activities! Add each activity and the dates you participated in the activity. You can include school activities such as sports and clubs and community activities such as volunteer work with non-profit organizations!
  6. Skills and Certifications. Highlight your top 2–6 skills. Use short, 2- to 3-word phrases, without punctuation. Start with any skills that match the requirements of the job you want to get. Also add any certifications you have or trainings you’ve received.

Download the Infographic

Take a look at this high schooler’s resume for tips on how to make sure you hit all the important points.

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