The Real Cost of Caring for a Baby in Your Teen Years

How do you plan for a financially secure future that gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do? It’s no surprise that becoming a parent during your teen years can change the course of your life. It takes a lot of work and time to raise a child – and it’s expensive. Take this quiz to learn more about the real costs of caring for a baby in your teen years. 
Guy working at cafe
You’ve decided to get an after-school job to save money for when you move out on your own. You have a goal of saving $500 each month. They’re paying you $8.75 per hour. How many hours do you need to work each month to reach your goal?


Young mom feeding her child
You are working full time and taking care of your toddler. You want to buy a nice birthday present for your little brother because he’s been helping you out. He really wants a Nintendo Switch. Which costs more?
Girl graduating high school
Over the course of their lifetime, how much more do people with a high school diploma or GED make than those who don’t have either?
teen girls having picnic
A few close friends are having a picnic at a nearby lake. You have a baby and will need to pay a babysitter so you can go. How much would you have to pay?
Collage of baby products
On average, how much does caring for a baby cost every year?