5 Ways to Beat Boredom

Want to fill your free time with fun and creative activities? Get inspiration by checking out videos, made by teens, showcasing their interesting hobbies. 

1. Channel Your Inner Artist

Starting a work of art can be daunting, but giving yourself opportunities to be creative can help stimulate your mind and contribute to your intellectual wellness. If you need help fueling your motivation, watch the videos below and check out the We Think Twice Inspiration Gallery to see artwork from other teens.

Digital Art


2. Pursue Your Creative Passions

Creativity is often associated with conventional visual arts, but creative passions can extend to so many other hobbies, goals, and skills too. Whether it be creative writing or video editing, finding an outlet to express yourself and your ideas is time well spent. Watch the videos below and use our Goal-Setting Planner to help make your dreams a reality.


Video Editing

3. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill can take time and patience, but overcoming these challenges is a crucial step to achieving your goals — both big and small. Watch the videos below to get some fun ideas for learning new skills. For more inspiration, check out the Our Goals, Our Lives videos, featuring teens who have overcome adversity to pursue their goals.



4. Stay Active

Whether its going on a walk with a friend, dancing, doing yoga, or playing an organized sport, staying active is an important part of taking care of your overall health and wellbeing. Get creative with how you practice fitness and find activities that you enjoy. Watch the videos below for some ideas on how to get started or find your local YMCA to connect with youth sports and other activities near you.

Figure Skating


5. Get Crafty with DIY Projects

Doing crafts and DIY projects are another fun outlet for expressing your creativity in a more unconventional way! Check out the videos below to get inspiration for your next crafty project.

Needle Felting

Ice-Dye Shirts

Carving Out Time for Hobbies and Learning New Skills

Need help finding time to follow your passions or learn a new skill? Explore our resources on goal-setting to help get you on the pathway to success!

Finding Support and Guidance

Support from your friends and family can be crucial to fostering creativity. Check out our resources on finding the right type of mentor to fit you and your goals.

Finding Community

Need a safe space to explore your passions and have your voice heard? Look no further! Getting involved with We Think Twice or a local organization is a great way to find community and express yourself.